Ian Date stands tall as one of Australia's foremost guitar virtuosos, his influence resonating deeply within the realms of Australian jazz guitar. With mastery across acoustic and electric guitar, his musical footprint spans continents, gracing stages from Europe to Australia and beyond. Pioneering the introduction of European jazz style, notably Gypsy Jazz, to Australia, Ian's versatility extends beyond performance—he's a singer, songwriter, and composer for film and TV, leaving his mark on over 100 albums. Rooted in early American Jazz, his compositions breathe life into melodies that resonate with audiences, forging connections that transcend genres.

His collaborations read like a who's who of Australian jazz, sharing the stage and studio with luminaries such as James Morrison, Tom Baker, Don Burrows, and George Golla. Yet, his reach extends globally, having recorded and performed alongside guitar legends Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, and Hank Marvin.

A decade in Ireland honed his craft, delving into acoustic fingerstyle playing and composition, enriching his musical palette. Now, alongside cellist Ilse de Ziah, Ian embarks on a groundbreaking musical venture, unveiling a genre-defying fusion that showcases his unparalleled compositional and performance prowess.

“Ian’s versatility is exceptional, a fine soloist with an outstanding knowledge of harmony and chord substitutions and an impressive ability to apply this in his improvisations. If he’s performing in your area seize the opportunity to see and hear one of Australia’s finest guitarists.” Hank Marvin, The Shadows


Ilse de Ziah's musical journey is a testament to versatility and innovation, with a career spanning collaborations with Irish bands, orchestras, and acclaimed dance and theatre troupes. From captivating audiences across Europe and the USA as a soloist to her seamless collaborations with diverse musicians worldwide, her cello prowess knows no bounds.

Breaking barriers and redefining conventions, Ilse's cross-genre style has revolutionised the role of the cello in Irish music and beyond, elevating it to new heights of expression. Her talent extends beyond performance, as a prolific composer, arranger, and recording artist, with two solo cello albums and a myriad of international collaborations to her name.

Her cinematic masterpiece, "Living the Tradition," stands as a shining example of her creative vision, earning prestigious awards including Best Documentary at the EIFF. Drawing inspiration from her eclectic upbringing across Ireland, England, Wales, Vienna, Australia, and the USA, Ilse's music embodies a rich tapestry of cultural influences and musical expertise that continues to inspire audiences worldwide.

“a gem glistening with grace and sparkle” Munster Express

“Throughout it is obvious to hear, not only her skill, but her passion for these airs. She gives the listener a fresh outlook on the songs by giving them a modern twist and a new heart.” Thelma Harris, Golden Plec, Ireland