Ian Date is regarded as one of Australia’s finest guitarists. His improvising and style has had a huge influence on Australian jazz guitar playing. He is a master of acoustic and electric guitar touring throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. He was the first person to bring the European style of jazz, Gypsy Jazz, to Australia. He is a singer and songwriter, writes for film and TV and has appeared on over 100 albums. His style spans many genres and with a deep knowledge of early American Jazz, he creates melodies that compel and connect with audiences.

From 2002 - 2022 he lived in Ireland running bands and collaborating with Irish musicians. During this time he focused on acoustic finger style playing and composing. His new project De Ziah & Date, with cellist Ilse de Ziah, showcases a whole new genre of music reflecting his high level of compositional and performance skills.

Ian has collaborated with great Australian jazz musicians including James Morrison, Tom Baker, Don Burrows and George Golla. He has recorded and performed with elite guitarists Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel and Hank Marvin.

“Ian’s versatility is exceptional, a fine soloist with an outstanding knowledge of harmony and chord substitutions and an impressive ability to apply this in his improvisations. If he’s performing in your area seize the opportunity to see and hear one of Australia’s finest guitarists.” Hank Marvin, The Shadows


Ilse de Ziah is a cellist and composer famous for her cross genre style. She has worked in contemporary, classical, rock & roll, traditional Irish, jazz and experimental music. She is a cellist known for her daring and emotionally charged performances which connect at a deep level with people from all walks of life.

Ilse is a filmmaker creating the award winning film Living the Tradition. Her YouTube channel @ilsedeziah with 8.79K subscribers, and over 2.2 million views, showcases performances of her compositions and arrangements for the sheet music store Play Cello Music, Play Cello Music Academy and the Ilse de Ziah Cello Club, where she inspires and teaches cellists from around the world. She has recorded two solo albums, played on a multitude of recordings, worked and toured as soloist, with dance and theatre companies, and with many world class musicians.

Ilse has lived in Ireland, England, Wales, Australia and USA. These places have deeply inspired her style, exploration of music, and cultural musical expertise. She composes and performs with guitarist Ian Date, creating a new virtuosic genre of cello and guitar music which showcases her ability to create a captivating musical panorama.

Whether it be conducting an orchestra, touring as solo cellist, composing, teaching, arranging orchestral scores, artistic director of Midleton Arts Festival, playing Deep Listening music with the Quiet Music Ensemble or making an award winning music documentary, Ilse engages as a passionate and vibrant artist.

“a gem glistening with grace and sparkle” Munster Express

“This is the cello as you’ve never heard it before. Ilse de Ziah takes traditional Irish melodies and gives them a deep and fabulous transformation.” Kenneth Wilson, the poetical cellist