De Ziah & Date

De Ziah & Date take a cello and guitar on a new journey!

Experience the transcendent and deeply moving fusion of Celtic, Classical, Jazz, and World genres, from ancient to modern, with De Ziah and Date, the acclaimed cello and guitar duo. Just divine, their performance promises to excite and captivate audiences with its unparalleled artistry and soul-stirring melodies.

"De Ziah & Date are divine…they made a huge impact on the creative and music scene here" (in Ireland) Elemarie Mawe, The Arts House, Cork’s96FM




Release Date: 18 November 2023, Ireland & Australia Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming services. CD’s available.

De Ziah & Date’s debut album takes a cello and guitar on a new journey!

Prepare to be enraptured by the debut album "Here & There" from cellist Ilse de Ziah and acoustic guitarist Ian Date—it's a true masterpiece. Crafted with elegance, brimming with emotion, and showcasing virtuosic improvisations, this album was born from creative synergy across Ireland and Australia in 2023. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences spanning world music, surf vibes, jazz, traditional Irish sounds, classical motifs, rock elements, and contemporary flair, they've woven together a fresh instrumental genre that promises to rejuvenate weary ears.

Individually acclaimed for their musical prowess, De Ziah & Date have garnered awards in both music and film, including the prestigious Best Documentary honor for their Irish music film "Living the Tradition," which they seamlessly integrate into their captivating live performances. While each artist has left their mark with solo and band projects, this collaborative venture signifies an exhilarating departure—a captivating journey through melody-soaked instrumental compositions. Through their music, they paint tales of the sea's allure, find solace in darkness, navigate life's unexpected twists and turns, and celebrate the beauty of the everyday.

Experience the magic firsthand at their spellbinding live concerts, where they'll enchant audiences with performances from their debut album, share captivating stories, and screen "Living the Tradition," an enchanting exploration of old Irish airs that adds another layer of depth to their mesmerising performances.

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THE FILM: “Living the Tradition - an enchanting journey into old Irish Airs”

  • 55 minute feature film.  Dolby surround sound for theatre screenings or mp4 for smaller venues.
  • Filmed live on location in Ireland
  • followed by a live performance or live performance can take place first.
  • We also do performances without film screening



Beautiful & exciting new sounds!”

— Robin Nolan gypsy jazz guitarist

Beautifully recorded, virtuosically played, wonderfully diverse and so emotionally engaging…what’s not to love? And yet it’s none of these things that are the compelling reason that I listened with such relish - it’s that this offering is so fresh, it lives up to the claim (and then some) that this is for the ear-weary. A pure delight! ”

— James Morrison, musician, multi-instrumentalist, educator

a gem glistening with grace and sparkle” - Liam Murphy

— Munster Express

Throughout it is obvious to hear, not only her skill, but her passion for these airs – it’s not just a desire to please a handful of tourists. She manages to gives the listener a fresh outlook on the songs we may well be long fed up of, by giving them a modern twist and a new heart.” - Thelma Harris

Golden Plec

incredible visuals and emotional music, I give it my highest recommendation” - R.J. Lannan

— Tradconnect

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